pH meter line

Sentron has developed a comprehensive line of quality meters and probes for glass-free pH measurement. The SI line of meters and probes is created around Sentron's propriatary ISFET pH sensor that offers accurate and reliable pH measurement for demanding applications.


Sentron meters have many new advanced features yet maintain the key elements that have defined Sentron pH meters during the past 20 years. They are available in laboratory white and outdoor grey.




glass-free and durable probes

In contrast to glass pH electrodes, ISFET pH electrodes do not shatter and do not require wet storage. This makes them well suited for many environmental, food and pharmaceutical application. Even in areas like education or in laboratories, where glass pH electrodes can be used, ISFET pH measurement technology offers a much more durable and reliable solution.


All Sentron pH probes are made of high quality food safe materials such as PEEK, ABS and PVC. It is no coincidence that many global pharmaceuticals and food manufacturers chose Sentron pH meters to monitor processes and quality.





modern user interface

Sentron pH meters have a modern, intuitive and user friendly interface that allows users to quickly access the meters advanced features and settings.


During menu navigation pH and temperature data remains visible, so monitoring does not stop when settings are changed or options selected.


The large backlit 3.2” LCD colour display colour display ensures measurement values and menu options are easy to read.


rugged and ergonomic design

Sentron’s pH meter has been designed for professional use. It is dust and splash waterproof and has a rubber boot that helps to absorb shocks. The USB port is well protected by a tightly sealing cover and the casing and battery door are fitted with rubber seals.


The light-weight and compact body, together with its ergonomic design, makes the meter highly suitable for field use and handheld applications. The meter has also been designed so that it is stable when placed on a table, making it well suited for laboratory table-top use.


The probes have a polymer body snap-on type connector. Unlike DIN and bayonet type connectors, there are no moving parts nor screw thread that can be damaged.


The position of the ISFET and reference electrode has been designed to be clog and pollution resistant. In the event debris has accumulated on the sensor it can be easily cleaned with water and a brush.



advanced data communication

The SI600 has advanced data acquisition capabilities, that  permit extensive storage of measured data points and continuous data logging at a user defined time interval.


Stored and logged data points can be transmitted to a PC through the USB port and with suitable software the meter’s momentary pH value and temperature can be queried.



full line of probes

Sentron offers a full line of probes for its pH meters with diameters ranging from 3mm to 12mm and with various tip types:

  • ConeFET probes for general use
  • CupFET probes for measurement of small amounts of liquid
  • LanceFET probes with a steel tip for pH measurements of materials that need to be penetrated (i.e. meat, hard cheese, fruit)
  • MiniFET probes with a short 5 mm diameter barrel for low profile mounting
  • MicroFET probes with a diameter of 3 mm that fit inside a vial, test tube or mini-cuvette